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January 2018

When we started with BTB around four years ago, I put a comment on the website, ‘This project ends on the 25th January 2018 unless…..’ And now, suddenly that day has arrived. Time to decide. Have we reached the ‘unless’ point, or do we file the words and chords and all the pics and films and pack it in?

Well as far as I am concerned we have reached the ‘unless,’ – and so I see no point in packing it in in the foreseeable.

For the record, 'unless' was:

Write some songs

Record those songs as a band

Do a gig or two

Do a proper recording of some of the songs

Pop um out as an album

Do some more gigs.

So, job done. Plus we have been lucky enough to make several live radio recordings, received some very nice reviews including a couple from the uncompromising and highly respected Nightshift magazine and (if I am honest this was the clincher) we were even lucky enough to have ‘Be here next year,’ played on our local BBC network – which was very exciting.

There have been some frustrations along the way, but to be honest, too few to mention.

I have been so lucky to have had the support of some great players too:

Stewart Manley on drums

Dave Shepherd and more recently Chris Pritchard on bass guitar since Dave moved to Devon

Sue Mallett on fiddle

Also, Ian Clark and Sam Doolin who have stepped in on drums and fiddle respectively on the rare occasions that Stewart and Sue have not been available. Not forgetting Ian Hall who added so much depth to ‘The Burden’ and ‘Be here next year’ with his fantastic guitar playing.

This year, it would be really great to get some more full band gigs and that will be the focus. And as always, we are looking for venues and for festival slots. We are also looking to launch a whole new mini fest just outside Oxford – more news to follow on that.

There are new tunes in the pipe line and I am hoping that we will be recording and releasing a couple more singles as the year progresses.

It is all systems go right now. I read a quote attributed to Lemmy of Motorhead, ‘If you think you are too old to rock and roll, then you are.’ Well I don’t – and I am not. Onwards!

April 2017

I was prompted to update my blog and then amazed that I had not done anything on this since 2015! So a bit of an update – 2016 was lots of fun. In February we launched our first album, LIFE and we were really happy with feedback. The years got started supporting the brilliant Blackthorn and outstanding Balkan Wanderers at Oxfords Old Fire Station. A great night and great audience. The year followed with gigs in Bracknell, at the brilliant Wilde Theatre, the now traditional Cellar Bar in Oxford, the Greedy Goose festival, the Library Islington, FTMC in Thame and many many more very special adventures. So the project goes on and goes from strength to strength. Sue and I have enjoyed fulfilling a number of engagements as a two piece.

The new songs keep coming too and we are now well on our way to Album two.

But as always we are looking for gigs – especially festivals, so if you are organising anything and need a ‘turn’ to more than just fill a slot, please do bear us in mind.

Onwards and upwards folks.

December 2015

Moving into year three (of five) of the BTB adventure and I thought it would be fun to look back on 2015 and reflect a little on the year.

We have done lots of gigs and the more we do the better it feels. We have loved playing the James Street Tavern in Oxford, and Pete Standings Mayfest at the same venue. We played in the freezing cold near Abingdon and in the summer mist on a hill top in Oxfordshire in June, snowy Uxbridge in January and had a whole different line up for the Artrium Festival of Folk at Bracknell, we played the brilliant Gappy Tooth at the Wheatsheaf and loved being at Thamesfest. We have been on Croydon radio and Puritan Radio in Banbury. And many many more. Our thanks to those who have taken the time to listen to us we are truly grateful to you all.

We have met and seen lots of fantastic bands in and around Oxford and not only are they great players and creative writers, they are also really nice people and that makes such a difference to the enjoyment of playing. Right now Oxford is surely one of the best city’s’ for music and we are thrilled to be a part of that movement.

We have been broadly accepted by some leading promotors who deserve special mention not least because it seems to me like such a thankless task un yet you sweat away at putting on shows wherever and whenever you can. We do a self-promote at the Cellar bar each year it and it serves to remind us how hard you people work and what a truly horrible job it is. We don’t know why you do it, but are so grateful that you do. (Any slots going – you know where to find us)

But let’s face it nothing is perfect and this year has been disappointing in terms of getting new material through the pipe. No one’s fault just time and where does it all go. Still there are songs there so that is a start. I would be a great deal more worried if we had nothing new to work on.

And what does the New Year have in store for Bewarethisboy. Well we have applied to play at a number of festivals and will wait to see what happens and we have a number of great looking gigs to look forward to already. And we aim to get some new tunes out of the box in time for them too.

So our thanks to you all. Have a brilliant 2016 – happy, successful and peaceful. And if you find yourselves nearby – stop and say hello.

Our very best Regards. Simon – Bewarethisboy

August 2015

It has been a really lovely summer. Starting in the spring with a very cold little festival and working our way through Mayfest Oxford Bracknell, Beacon and Thamesfest. And we still have The Artree Festival of Folk and Homegrown to look forward to. Also - as a first, and just for a laugh (I hope!) Thisboy will be making a little solo turnout at the end of August, just because it is something I would regret not trying - just hope I don't regret trying. Still let’s face you don't get to live many times and when you do it passes. We have met lots of really great people on our way and more than that seen some truly amazing music – Blackthorn, Gun hill Riffs and Jigantics being stand out moments among just too many to mention. This is a blast and I for one love it. I up hung my guitar a lifetime (for many) ago and am so happy that I am having another crack at it.

Starting to take bookings now for next year. 2016 will be bigger and better than ever for Bewarethisboy. Watch this space!!

April 2015

So the first of our little festival season kicked off last week and I can officially say it was the coldest I have ever been playing live!! Great fun though. And as the set progressed we were able to coax a good few brave people out of the warmth of the bar to listen to us – and their reception warmed us up no doubt!! Next up for us is the Mayfest at Oxfords James Street Tavern. We will rehearse this Thursday to polish off a few bits from last time and look forward very much to having a chance to contribute to the Festival. We are playing on Saturday 2nd May afternoon. Time to be confirmed. Hope very much to see you their!

March 22nd 2015

When we started BTB - just two years ago we had an ambition to rehearse and cobble together a few songs. There was no master plan, no aim to play live even. But things do change. And since our first outing at the Port Mahon in Oxford a little over twelve months ago, we have played a number of gigs - some well attended, some not, but no matter what, we have had a laugh doing it. All of our songs are our own, and we have been so fortunate to have been warmly received everywhere we have played. We have released 5 songs on itunes (and other platforms) - we've even sold a few and we are planning on spending time in the studio during this summer putting together our first album.

It is more fun than you can shake a stick at!!

This summer is coming along strongly. We have a few festivals to look forward to (always on the lookout for more) and we are rehearsing during April so that we can add a number of new songs to our set list in time for the Mayfest in Oxford (May 2nd.)

We also intend to keep this site up to date too - adding films and messages, maybe even launching a few little competitions just for fun. Watch this space.

In the meantime, thank you for taking an interest in our band. Please feel free to mail us, ask questions, or anything you like really. We hope to see you soon. And of course if do pop along to any of our shows, please say hello!

Best regards. BTB

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